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Most Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Outlook

Are you looking for Microsoft Outlook shortcut keys? Keyboard shortcuts help you to work more efficiently and navigate your inbox with ease with the below Outlook shortcut keys!

Outlook shortcut keys
Outlook shortcut keys

Most Common Outlook Shortcuts

Sl. No keyboard shortcuts Functions
1Ctrl+Shift+MCreate a new message
2Alt+SSend a message
3Alt+N, A, FInsert a file
4Ctrl+Shift+KNew task
5DeleteDelete an item
6EscClose a window or a menu
7Alt+HGo to the Home tab
8Ctrl+E or F3Search
9Alt+H, R, PReply to a message
10Alt+H, F, WForward a message
11Alt+H, R, ASelect the Reply All option
12Alt+J, SGo to the Send/Receive tab

Outlook Shortcuts for Basic Navigation

Sl. Nokeyboard shortcutsFunctions
1Ctrl+1 Switch to Mail view
2Ctrl+2 Switch to Calendar view
3Ctrl+3 Switch to Contacts view
4Ctrl+4Switch to Tasks view
5Ctrl+5Switch to Notes
6Ctrl+6Switch to the Folder list in the Folder pane
7Ctrl+7Switch to Shortcuts
8Ctrl+8Open Journal
9Ctrl+Shift+BOpen the Address Book
10Alt+B or Alt+Left arrow keyGo back to the previous view
11Alt+Right arrow keyGo forward to next view
12Ctrl+Period (.)Switch to next open message
13Ctrl+Comma (,)Switch to previous open message
14Ctrl+YGo to a different folder
15F3 or Ctrl+E Go to the Search box

Outlook Short Keys to Create an Item or File

Sl. No keyboard shortcutsFunctions
1Ctrl+Shift+ACreate an appointment
2Ctrl+Shift+CCreate a contact
3Ctrl+Shift+LCreate a contact group
4Ctrl+Shift+XCreate a fax
5Ctrl+Shift+ECreate a folder
6Ctrl+Shift+QCreate a meeting request
7Ctrl+Shift+MCreate a message
8Ctrl+Shift+NCreate a note
9Ctrl+Shift+HCreate a Microsoft Office document
10Ctrl+Shift+SPost to the selected folder
11Ctrl+TPost a reply in the selected folder
12Ctrl+Shift+PCreate a Search folder
13Ctrl+Shift+KCreate a task

Outlook Mail keyboard Shortcuts

Sl. No keyboard shortcutsFunctions
1Ctrl+Shift+ISwitch to Inbox
2Ctrl+Shift+OSwitch to Outbox
3Ctrl+KCheck names
4Alt+SSend a message
5Ctrl+RReply to a message
6Ctrl+Shift+RSelect the Reply to All option
7Ctrl+Alt+RReply with a meeting request
8Ctrl+FForward a message
9Ctrl+Alt+JMark a message as not junk
10Ctrl+Shift+IDisplay blocked external content (in a message)
11Ctrl+Shift+SPost to a folder
12Ctrl+Shift+NApply Normal style
13Ctrl+M or F9Check for new messages
14Up arrow keyGo to the previous message
15Down arrow keyGo to the next message
16Ctrl+NCreate a message (when in Mail view)
17Ctrl+Shift+MCreate a message (from any Outlook view)
18Ctrl+Shift+MCreate a message (from any Outlook view)
19Ctrl+OOpen a received message
20Ctrl+Shift+DDelete and ignore a conversation
21Ctrl+Shift+BOpen the Address Book
22InsertAdd a Quick flag to an unopened message
23Ctrl+Shift+GDisplay the Flag for follow up dialog
24Ctrl+QMark a message as read
25Ctrl+UMark a message as unread
26Ctrl+Shift+WOpen the MailTip in the selected message
27F4Find or replace text
28Shift+F4Find the next item
29Ctrl+EnterSend a message
30Ctrl+PPrint an item
31Ctrl+Alt+FForward a message as an attachment
32Alt+EnterShow the properties for the selected item
33Ctrl+Alt+MMark an item for download
34Ctrl+Alt+UCheck the Mark for download status
35Ctrl+SSave an item
36F12Open the Save as dialog

Outlook Shortcut to Open the Visual Basic Editor

Sl. Nokeyboard shortcuts Functions
1Alt+F11Open the Visual Basic Editor


We hope the above list of Outlook shortcut keys helps you to work more efficiently. Keyboard shortcuts can be easier and time-saving. Let us know your thoughts through comments. Also, comment other shortcuts that you are using frequently.

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