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Kuttipencil Malayalam Typing Utility

Kuttipencil Malayalam Typing
Kuttipencil Malayalam Typing

Kuttipencil one of the best online tool to convert Unicode text to ASCII. Currently, Kuttipencil supports Inscript, Typewriter, Panchari, GIST and Varityper Phonetic keyboard layouts. Through this web application, you can convert Unicode fonts to TT font which will be much helpful for to type Malayalam in Photoshop.

Kuttipencil will be a better option; If you are looking for a good interface to type Malayalam in Mac or Ubuntu.

Limitation: Kuttipencil is limited to 10,000 words

Browser Extension: Available Chrome Extension and Firefox Addon

Keyboard layouts: Inscript, Gist, Typewriter, Panchari, Varityper

Kuttipencil Manglish to Malayalam Converter

  1. Go to kuttipencil[dot].in/google
  2. Type the words in Manglish, and press spacebar in your keyword so that it will be automatically converted to Malayalam text
Kuttipencil Manglish to Malayalam Converter
Kuttipencil Manglish to Malayalam Converter

Things You Can Do with Kuttipencil

  • You Concert Unicode Format to ML / FML Series Easily and vice versa (ML/FML Series to Unicode)
  • Convert Manglish to Malayalam and vice versa (Malayalam to Manglish)
  • Paste from ML/FML Series to convert
  • Malayalam Spell Check

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