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How to Schedule Pins On Pinterest

How to Schedule Pins On Pinterest
How to Schedule Pins On Pinterest

Did you know with a Pinterest business account you can schedule Pins without using the third-party tools? This is an interesting feature which we were eagerly waiting. Like Facebook, Now we can schedule our posts from Pinterest Business Account!

Are you going on a vacation? Create a post and schedule it to publish on your Pinterest Busines Hub in the future!

How to Schedule Pins On Pinterest Business Account

Learn how to schedule Pins on Pinterest. G through the following steps and start scheduling. Here we also attached Images for better understandings.

1. Open your Pinterest Business Hub Profile and tap on (+) “create a pin button” from the top navigation bar.

Create a Post to Schedule on Pinterest Business Account
Create a Post to Schedule on Pinterest Business Account

2. Select images or a video to be upload and add the destination URL.

Upload Images to  Pinterest
Upload Images to Pinterest

3. Click on “Publish at a later date” and choose the date and time that you’d like to schedule your Pins.

Schedule Pins On Pinterest
Schedule Pins On Pinterest

4. Continue to title, Click on Publish Button

Scheduled Pin
Scheduled Pin

Many Questions !! Most FAQ Questions on Pinterest post Scheduling

How Long we can Schedule Pinterest Posts?

You can Schedule Pins up to two weeks in advance.

Can you schedule Pinterest Business posts on mobile?

You can schedule Pins for future posting on Web or iOS.

Can you Schedule Pins from a personal Pinterest account?

No, Currently with a business account only you can Schedule Pins for future posting.

How do I see my scheduled pins on Pinterest?

To view your scheduled Pins, Go to Profile> and Click on Pins or directly go to

How many pins can you schedule on Pinterest?

You Can schedule up to 30 Pins. But you can only schedule one Pin at a time.


Pinterest Pin Scheduling is an interesting feature. You can schedule up to two weeks in advance. Pinterest has 176 million registered users in India. So this feature is going to help all marketers and Pinterest Lovers! Let us know your comments and thoughts on Pinterest post Scheduling through comments.

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