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Best Site to Find Rental Homes in Bangalore

Best Site to Find Rental Homes in Bangalore
Best Site to Find Rental Homes in Bangalore

Searching for an affordable rental home is a big headache especially when it comes to a city like Bangalore. There are hundreds of online websites available to search for rental homes. If you are looking to move or searching for a rental apartment or shared accommodation the following sites can help you to find the right fit.

Best Rental Websites in Bangalore

Below is the list of websites where you can search and find rental properties in and around Bangalore.


Apart from the above list, there are hundreds of real estate websites to find rental properties in Bangalore. But here we filtered based on the trust and authority. Let us know the best rental websites apart from the above list through comments!

Things You Need To Know Before Buying Rental Homes in Bangalore

  1. Budget: Plan your budget that you are going to spend on your property rent including security deposit. Make sure you have a proper written agreement before transferring the security deposit and rent.
  2. Location: Location is important; especially in most-congested cities like Bangalore. Calculate the traveling hours from your office/nearest bus stand to your home. 
  3. Take Suggestion: Ask suggestions from your local friends, colleagues. Make sure the location is safe for traveling and all.
  4. Property visit: Directly visit the property with your friends and check the rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, Doors, Water Supplies, Electrical properties, Security.
  5. Read Agreement: Read the agreement carefully and clear your doubts. Make sure that your Rental payable and security deposits are clearly mentioned. Also, check regarding electricity/water supplies bills.
  6. Rental payable: Check Rental Payment at month-end, instead of advance.
  7. Notice Period: Depending up on your suitability make necessary changes in the notice period.
  8. Transaction: All Money transactions should have proper transaction details. Bank transfer will be a better option instead of giving cash directly.
  9.  Agreement sign:  Go through the agreement once again and make sure that everything is perfect.
  10. Collect key: Collect Key as soon as possible after sign in the rental agreement.

Always read the agreement carefully before signing the rental agreement. You can also negotiate security deposit if it is required.


Hope the above list of Rental Websites in Bangalore helps. Let us know your reviews and thoughts through comments. Also share other websites which you feel better option. We will add it to our list. Before making an agreement you can shortlist the properties which you are interested in based on the above tips and finalize.

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