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Importance of Wearing Steel Toe Safety Boots

Why is it Important to Wear Steel Toe Safety Boots?

Why do you need to wear steel toe boots at work? Most of the industrial companies recommend their staff to wear steel-toed boots. Here is the reason why you should wear steel toe boots. Workers employed in construction, warehousing, and logistics industries are exposed to

Outlook shortcut keys

Most Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Outlook

Are you looking for Microsoft Outlook shortcut keys? Keyboard shortcuts help you to work more efficiently and navigate your inbox with ease with the below Outlook shortcut keys! Most Common Outlook Shortcuts Sl. No keyboard shortcuts Functions 1 Ctrl+Shift+M Create a new message 2 Alt+S

List of Best Malayalam newspapers

List of Best Malayalam Newspapers

Which are the best Malayalam newspapers in Kerala? As a Malayalee, one day is incomplete without reading a newspaper in the morning, while sipping on hot tea. Did you know which is the most circulated newspaper in Kerala? Is it Malayala Manorama or Mathrubhumi or

Best Site to Find Rental Homes in Bangalore

Searching for an affordable rental home is a big headache especially when it comes to a city like Bangalore. There are hundreds of online websites available to search for rental homes. If you are looking to move or searching for a rental apartment or shared

How to Create a Google Analytics Account

How to Create a Google Analytics Account

Google Analytics is one of the best and most popular analytics tools to track and report website traffic, Conversions, and Goals. The tool helps you to analyze in-depth detail; so that you can restructure the strategy for your online business. Learn how to set up